ces 2024

CES 2024, the world’s largest trade show dedicated to technological innovation, is taking place in Las Vegas. Among the many companies and innovations present at this latest edition, the French delegation is well represented. A major player in this delegation is Qiti, with its innovative travel app for the second year running.

Discover the Qiti app, tomorrow’s insurance advisor

The Qiti app is designed to facilitate access to health insurance for its international clientele. Thanks to a simple, intuitive interface, users can access personalized health insurance offers tailored to their needs.

Connected insurance

With the Qiti app, you benefit from an optimized user experience and quick access to the information you need. Thanks to its many integrated tools, this insurance app supports you on a daily basis and helps you better manage your health cover:

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Easy management of your reimbursements
  • Decision-making tools to help you choose the best insurance plan

The Qiti app also gives you fast, optimized support when you need it, especially in crucial areas such as :

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitalization
  • Repatriation

International coverage to protect you anywhere in the world

The health insurance offered by the Qiti app is designed to be as mobile as its users. Whether you’re at home or abroad, you’ll always have the coverage you need.

With this app, your health insurance becomes truly international. So you can enjoy your stay abroad without having to worry about the hassle of administrative procedures.

Revolutionizing health insurance with the innovative technology of the Qiti app

The introduction of the Qiti app marks a significant step forward in the international health insurance sector. By combining the advantages of mobility with those of connected insurance, this app offers unprecedented opportunities for customers, healthcare professionals and the insurance market itself.

For customers: simplicity, speed and efficiency

By providing easy and immediate access to their health insurance information, the Qiti app makes it easier for users to manage their health cover and get the care they need quickly. This simplicity of use makes everyday life easier for customers, and offers them an unparalleled user experience.

At the same time, the Qiti app guarantees a faster, more transparent refund process for its customers, using advanced claims processing technologies. As a result, customers can be reimbursed as quickly as possible, which is a real asset for this type of service.

For healthcare professionals: collaboration and coordination

The Qiti app offers healthcare professionals a tool for more effective collaboration with their patients. It simplifies communication, follow-up and care coordination. As a result, doctors and other practitioners can devote more time to their patients and less time to administrative tasks.

For players in the insurance market: new customers and innovative services

By responding to the needs of a mobile and connected lifestyle, the Qiti app attracts customers looking for flexible and personalized offers. Its high-quality services are perfectly suited to this growing demand. What’s more, the app opens up new prospects for the health insurance sector in terms of innovative, technology-based services.

French Tech in Vegas: Qiti at the heart of the French delegation at CES 2024

CES 2024 is an excellent opportunity for French Tech to showcase itself. The event is an ideal opportunity to promote French innovation and know-how. As flagship representative of this delegation, the Qiti app is attracting public and media attention with its innovative offering.

The advantages of French Tech for innovation

Alongside many other players from the world of technology present at CES 2024, the Qiti app is helping to highlight French excellence in innovation. The creativity and know-how of French Tech companies are widely acclaimed at this kind of event, reinforcing their position on the international stage.

The Qiti app is a successful example of collaboration between different fields of expertise. These include healthcare, insurance and information technology. This interdisciplinary approach is at the heart of French Tech’s strategy to stimulate innovation and create new lead markets.