Qiti is committed

Let's build a brighter
future together

An assertive social policy

An inclusive, diverse and supportive work environment

We recruit talent from all backgrounds and value individual skills and performance.

We offer fair career opportunities to all and encourage work-life balance through remote working.

Would you like to join the dynamic team of an innovative start-up?

Fair remuneration

A transparent salary scale
with profit sharing

Our values of freedom, solidarity and commitment are omnipresent in our day-to-day work, and a remote work charter has been signed by all Qitizteam members.

To stimulate the commitment of our team, we have set up a policy of profit-sharing and stock options.

Qiti has been a signatory of the FrenchTech Pacte Parité since 09/03/2023.

Supporting positive-impact initiatives

A collective and transparent commitment

Qiti encourages and supports Qitizens to get involved in charity work and associations. We provide them with information about the projects we support, so that they can participate through the Qitizen Association.

At Qiti, we’re proud of our commitment to a better future: 1% of our profits are donated to charity.

In 2023, we are supporting the Musicamada association, which works to promote access to education for children in Madagascar.

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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