You might think that using the services of international insurance comparators is synonymous with “good business”. After all, these sites allow you to quickly assess the cover offered by the various companies on the market: one click, two clicks and a few outlines on the characteristics of the insurance contracts listed.

What’s next? You make your choice from their (supposed) selection.

Comparing is good. But comparing policies that meet the specific needs of your situation and expatriation is much better, isn’t it?

International insurance comparison services seem to be outdated. Qiti, the guardian angel of expats and digital nomads, explains.

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International insurance comparisons are not tailor-made

And that’s a problem, especially when you’re going halfway around the world for an indefinite period of time.

A good international insurance policy must be adapted to your geographical location, the nature of your trip, the culture of the country in which you’ll be setting down your luggage and, of course, the routine you intend to adopt.

An international insurance comparison service, on the other hand, simply ranks offers in ascending order, guaranteeing big savings.
Needless to say, this promise is skewed by the discrepancy between the policyholder’s profile and the nature of the contract to which he or she will be subject.
Indeed, if the incident is not included in the cover proposed in your contract, the so-called savings guaranteed by the comparator fall through! This is how we fall back on the eternal cliché of rip-off insurance that doesn’t reimburse anything.

So stay alert!

Worse still, international insurance comparators are invisible and silent.

Most platforms lack a direct point of contact. It’s very difficult to reach a real person. The insurance comparison business model is essentially based on a robotized process that takes into account only a few pre-requisite answers to get to know you.

Relying on an international insurance comparator to take you on a new experience over 7,000km from home is not the most reassuring thing you can do. Properly insuring your life project is the sine qua non for living each of these moments with complete peace of mind.

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International insurance brokers, on the other hand, take greater account of their customers’ needs and lifestyles. They focus their efforts on your search, offering you fair and transparent advice, as does Qiti, the neo-insurer for expats.

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You deserve to be reimbursed for any damage you incur. Make sure you’re 100% in every activity!

Article written by Carla Audoyer