Since the advent of telecommuting, many people have been looking to move abroad. Some for a few weeks, others for several months. However, complications arise quickly, and anticipation is essential.

It’s essential to plan ahead for a move abroad, whether or not you’ve chosen a country in the European Union. Indeed, expatriation is much more pleasant when it is planned in advance, whether in terms of insurance, plane tickets or accommodation.

Exchanging with someone who speaks our language and lives in the place where we’re leaving would therefore be entirely appropriate. And we could even imagine a correspondent offering to help us visit a property we’ve found, or even to look for it for us. Wouldn’t that be a dreamy position to be in?

Now Remoters can do just that. A young French company, Remoters puts French-speaking expatriates – students, teleworkers, families looking for an experience abroad – in touch with French-speaking correspondents who are specialists in the area, at least bilingual, have a real estate network and, to top it all off, are downright friendly, in order to help them with their departure.

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Expatriate with Remoters

The support offered by Remoters takes different forms, but always with the same idea in mind: the service helps you avoid being ripped off. Particularly present in major cities where accommodation is hard to come by – London, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and so on – scammers use their imagination to lure as many people as possible into their trap, sometimes swindling them out of several thousand euros!

Correspondents not only help you avoid scams, but also offer accommodation that you won’t find anywhere else, thanks to their real estate network. They’ll also provide cover for local life, finding accommodation in areas that match your expectations.

In addition to this work, other ancillary services are highlighted and depend on the destination.

Here’s a list of the exciting services offered by Remoters:

  • Visit to a property selected by you, with advice on the area and its surroundings 🏡
  • Search for a property in line with your expectations. You arrive, we give you the keys 💎
  • Discover the city: the correspondent takes you on a tour of his or her favorite spots, just like a tourist guide.
  • In addition, there are more than 30 other services on offer: diving lessons, language courses, pub crawls…

Call a correspondent

The first help Remoters offers is a thirty-minute videoconference, and it’s totally free!. During this meeting, the correspondent will introduce you to the city and its neighborhoods. Discuss how to find accommodation and give you advice on everything from the weather to transportation maps and favorite restaurants. At the end of the meeting, the correspondent can begin the search for a new home, having dealt with every aspect of your project in detail.

For the moment, Remoters is present in some forty destinations around the globe. These include Bali, Mexico City, San Francisco, Bangkok and Montreal. In full expansion, the company hopes to eventually have correspondents in destinations popular with French speakers. When will telecommuting be possible in Puerto Escondido?

The local French-speaking staff are waiting to help you prepare for your departure. Click on this link to book an appointment now.

Article written by the Remoters team.