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assurance costa rica
assurance costa rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular tourist destination, thanks to its paradisiacal landscapes, exceptional biodiversity and tropical climate. To make the most of your carefree stay, it’s essential to take out appropriate travel insurance. Qiti can help you do just that, providing you with the best cover, advice and information to ensure your peace of mind during your vacation.

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Risks to which you are exposed
on your trip to Costa Rica

Before choosing your travel insurance, it’s important to consider the various potential risks you may face during your stay in Costa Rica.

  • Health problems: the country has a high-quality healthcare system, but certain tropical diseases may require costly treatment or repatriation.
  • Accidents: although Costa Rica is a relatively safe country, road, sports and leisure accidents can happen at any time and can result in significant medical costs.
  • Theft or loss of luggage: as elsewhere, theft or loss of luggage can cause major disruption, especially if you are carrying valuables or equipment specific to your trip.
  • Cancellation: for reasons beyond your control, you may have to cancel or shorten your stay, incurring considerable costs.

Travel insurance coverage

To choose the right travel insurance, it’s crucial to be informed about the cover available, so you can find the coverage best suited to your needs.


Repatriation and medical assistance

This coverage is essential for any trip abroad. It covers medical expenses incurred on site, as well as repatriation for medical treatment if necessary. Carefully check reimbursement limits and any exclusions, especially for high-risk sports.

Trip cancellation or interruption guarantee

This guarantee allows you to obtain reimbursement of the sums incurred in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay for specific reasons (illness, death, redundancy…). Conditions vary from contract to contract, so it’s important to examine them in detail.

Luggage guarantee

It covers loss, theft or damage to your luggage and personal effects during your trip. Take the time to check the coverage limits and applicable deductibles, especially for valuables.

Liability coverage

In the event of damage caused to others during your stay (property or bodily injury), this guarantee covers the costs incurred. Coverage limits and exclusions vary from policy to policy, so be sure to check these points carefully.

Tips for choosing the best travel insurance

To select the travel insurance that best suits your needs and expectations, follow these few recommendations:

  1. Analyze your specific needs: based on the length of your stay, the activities you’ve planned and your state of health, determine which coverages are essential for you.
  2. Consult several offers: before making up your mind, take the time to compare different travel insurances in order to evaluate the coverage, reimbursement ceilings and deductibles offered.
  3. Read the terms and conditions carefully: don’t neglect to read the terms and conditions of the contract, which set out the terms and conditions of coverage and any exclusions.
  4. Check the terms and conditions: some insurance policies must be taken out before departure, while others can be taken out during your stay. Find out about any waiting periods.
Assurance Costa Rica

Make the most of your stay in Costa Rica with Qiti

Thanks to the advice and information provided by Qiti, you’ll be able to find the most suitable travel insurance for your stay in Costa Rica. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered in the event of the unexpected.

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