The broker is the person who will find the best offer on the market to meet your precise needs. Whether it’s an insurance quote or a mortgage offer, he’s THE person who will scrupulously analyze and compare the various interest rates / fixed monthly charges to save you time and money (let’s face it, these days, a little saving doesn’t hurt).

But what about internationally?

Can you be just as well insured in France as abroad? Yes, provided you choose the right insurance.

Here are 3 good reasons to use an international insurance broker.

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1. An insurance broker is objective

The broker’s #1 advantage is that he’s not married to any company. He will put several companies in competition with each other with the utmost neutrality. His only interest is that you come out a winner from this collaboration. It’s a win-win situation, so there’s no need for useless blah, blah, blah! And that’s something you’ll (really) appreciate.

2. An insurance broker adapts to your needs and your project

You certainly don’t have the same needs as your neighbors. Each person is unique, so each project is too. The insurance broker adapts to your situation and finds specific contracts at very competitive rates. Not all insurance companies will offer the same “good deal” for the same target. That’s why it’s important to personalize your search. Unfortunately, this takes time. Phew! There’s a profession called “broker”!

3. An international insurance broker protects you, wherever you are, whatever you do

Are you a student looking to spend part of your studies abroad? A (future) expatriate? A tourist? A digital nomad? In your situation, using an international insurance broker is hardly an option!

Unfortunately, living abroad exposes us to certain inconveniences. It’s all part of the game. Indeed, moving to a new country can lead to health complications due to the climate or the food, among other things. (But that’s not all!)

In our experience, it’s a mistake to believe that this only happens to other people. We all know someone who’s had an ear problem because he’s been underwater too long, or someone who’s had a scooter accident, or someone who’s caught a foot infection because the pool lacked chlorine.

In short, there are tens of thousands of small, medium and serious incidents. The international insurance broker will use his network to cover them from the first euro spent.

Did you know?

82% of expats think it’s complicated to get international insurance. Using an international insurance broker is all well and good, but if it’s too complicated, you’re already less motivated!

Fortunately, Qiti, the guardian angel of French people eager for international experience, has taken care to simplify the whole process: 4 clicks, 3 immediate offers and you’ll be insured within the hour.

So, are you ready to leave with a clear head?

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Written by Carla Audoyer