mobilité internationale

International mobility is a growing trend in the professional world, driven by the globalization and internationalization of companies. Career opportunities abroad are plentiful, and candidates who choose to cross borders can prove a valuable asset to their employer. In this article, we look at the various aspects of international mobility, the steps to take, and how to make the most of this unique experience.

Why consider international mobility?

The reasons for considering international mobility vary according to the individual and the professional context. However, several main advantages can be identified:

  • Personal and cultural enrichment: living and working in another country allows you to discover other cultures, languages and lifestyles, which can help to open your mind and develop your personality.
  • Skills development: experience abroad helps to reinforce skills sought by employers, such as adaptability, stress management and autonomy.
  • Enhanced employability: a CV including work experience abroad highlights the candidate’s versatility and ability to integrate easily into an international environment.
  • Expanded professional network: forging professional relationships in another country opens up future opportunities for both the candidate and the company.

How can I find a job offer that matches my profile?

To make the best choice for your future position abroad, you need to take into account a number of criteria. Such as the skills required, the level of responsibility, the sector of activity and the geographical location. Here are a few tips to optimize your international job search:

  • Update your CV: make sure your CV is up to date and ready to send to potential employers. You may also need to translate it into the language of the country where you want to work.
  • Register on international job boards: several platforms specialize in putting companies in touch with candidates wishing to work abroad.
  • Use professional social networks: LinkedIn is an excellent tool for finding job offers, getting in touch with recruiters and developing your professional network on an international scale.
  • Check out ads from companies with international operations: if you’re interested in certain companies with operations in several countries, check out their websites or social network pages regularly to keep up to date with their latest job offers.

Visas and work permits

Depending on the country you wish to work in, you may need a specific visa or work permit. Procedures vary from country to country, and may also depend on your nationality. Contact the relevant authorities to find out about the requirements and procedures applicable to your situation.

International mobility support

To ensure successful integration into your new position and environment, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly for your expatriation, and to seek support if necessary. Here are a few services and resources that can help ease this transition:

  • Company HR departments: many companies have teams specialized in managing international mobility for their employees. In particular, they can help you find accommodation, enroll your children in a school, or manage the administrative formalities.
  • Mobility support organizations: some public or private institutions offer services and advice for people wishing to work abroad, such as workshops, training courses or information sessions.
  • Support groups and associations: there are also networks of expatriates who can share their experiences, advice and best practices for living and working abroad.

Preparing your move and installation

Once you’ve found a job and got your visa, it’s time to start preparing for your departure. This includes :

  1. Finding accommodation in your new country: find out about prices, neighborhoods and how to rent or buy property.
  2. Open a bank account: it’s generally easier to manage your finances with a local bank, especially when it comes to receiving a salary and paying bills.
  3. Take out health insurance: depending on the country and the local health system, you may need to take out private health insurance to cover your medical expenses. For this, Qiti, an innovative 100% digital app, offers a fast, personalized solution to guarantee your security abroad. Benefit from a personal assistant, a doctor available 24/7, and international insurance adapted to your travels, all at your fingertips.
  4. Organize the move: plan and organize the transport of your personal belongings to your new destination.

If you follow this advice and receive the right support, international mobility can represent a tremendous opportunity for professional and personal development for candidates ready to take up this challenge. So don’t hesitate to take the plunge and try your luck!