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Health insurance and
international protection

You're going abroad?
Qiti is by your side at €69/month

qiti simple


All nationalities and destinations


USA included



Automatic updates at every border crossing


No formalities




No health questionnaire, no age limit


Membership in 2min

assurance rapide


From 1 month’s subscription, adapted to your way of life


Without obligation

Whenever, Wherever

Optimum, flawless protection

Your international insurance

  • Coverage of medical expenses up to €300,000
  • Medical assistance and repatriation at actual expense
  • Third-party liability up to €4,500,000
  • Individual accident up to €30,000
  • Legal assistance

Innovative services included

  • Travel planners and simplifiers
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • A doctor available 24/7
  • Community access
  • Jetlag & flight delays

Committed to your cause

No small lines, just transparency

  • Sudden and unexpected health problems occurring abroad
  • All sports except those considered dangerous
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • Emergency dental treatment up to €500
  • Treatment of COVID-19

  • Pre-existing illnesses and conditions
  • Dangerous activities (paragliding, bungee jumping, climbing, etc.)
  • Consequences of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption
  • Active participation in war
  • Medical tourism
  • Trip cancellation, trip interruption and baggage loss
  • Work stoppages and medical certificates

  • There is a €30 deductible.
  • Cover takes effect at midnight on the date of enrolment.
  • You are not covered in your home country.
  • Reimbursements of emergency medical expenses remaining at your expense are made after intervention by your basic social security scheme, your mutual insurance company or any other insurance organization. You must be covered by a compulsory health insurance scheme.
  • You are not covered in countries at war or countries banned by public authorities.

Nomad testimonials

"Qitizen Nomad allowed me to explore the world without hassle".


Stéphanie, 29yo

“I’m a freelancer and as soon as I arrived in Miami, I had a bad fall.

With over $30,000 in hospital bills, I’m glad I had insurance that reimburses actual expenses.”


Nolan, 23yo

“I had a scooter accident in Bali and had to spend 4 days at the BIMC Hospital before being repatriated.

I didn’t have to pay anything and was taken care of 100% by Qiti via the app. Quick and easy.”

Kim, 34yo

“In Costa Rica, I woke up one morning with my ear having tripled in volume.

I contacted assistance and was quickly referred to a doctor who was able to prescribe the appropriate medication.”

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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