Are your employees going abroad?

Secure your business and offer them a personalized international protection

At the heart of Qiti, we’re guardians of safety, champions of peace of mind.


Our platform? The best health and safety experts you can find, ready to intervene across the globe, whatever the challenge.

Loads of features for international mobility


  • A full range of technologies combining medical emergencies and well-being in the workplace. Cutting-edge health and safety strategies, state-of-the-art repatriation solutions, seamless travel risk management.
  • Whatever the situation – a medical crisis, a safety hazard, or an unforeseen natural disaster – we’re your shield and your guide.
  • Qiti ushers in a new era of security and peace of mind. Our mission is not just to respond to crises, but to anticipate and master them.
  • In case of an emergency, you can be sure that we will be your most reliable ally, transforming chaos into calm, uncertainty into confidence.

Call a doctor

Advanced health and safety advice

Qiti goes beyond the norm, offering personalized, proactive advice to turn your risk management into a key strategic asset.

Continuous safety shield: 24/7 support

Constant protection with immediate assistance and direct access to international doctors for prescriptions at any time.

Real-time alerts and analysis

Safety updates and analyses for reactivity and informed decision-making.

Why insure your employees abroad?

Faced with increasing internationalization and mobility, it’s vital to assess and manage risks. Protecting employees abroad is a legal obligation, not just an ethical one.


Fulfill your duty to protect


  • Information and safety obligations: Inform your employees of health and safety risks with our awareness-raising tools. Ensure seamless safety abroad, in compliance with the French Labor Code.
  • Qiti provides information on visa, health and documentation requirements, upcoming events and possible disruptions, as well as safety considerations for your employees’ destinations.

International health and safety risk management



With Qiti, offer your employees, supervisors and managers a centralized, structured and responsive solution. Available 24/7, dedicated to your organization ensures efficient, real-time management.



Your international risk management program

Our experts have developed a specialized AI for health and safety. This technology enables you to carry out a rapid assessment in just five minutes, generating a customized report ready for presentation to your management. This process sheds light on crucial aspects of your coverage, such as duplication of cover and potential warranty defects, enabling you to optimize costs and secure your teams’ movements.

Protect your employees against health and safety risks

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