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In partnership with Inria, Qiti is developing a new-generation conversational recommendation engine incorporating generative artificial intelligence, to accompany digital nomads and frequent travelers on their trips abroad. 3 complementary modules coexist for maximum protection.


1 - Travel

Relevant answers to questions about the destination, administrative formalities, weather and points of interest.

2 - International protection

Recommendations for services, guarantees and insurance best suited to the needs of digital nomads and frequent travelers.

3 - Insurances

Predictive and intuitive recommendations of services and benefits adapted to all policyholders.

AI and geolocation

A unique experience

Artificial intelligence integrated with a geolocation-enabled mobile app offers a unique, personalized experience.

Our R&D teams are developing the insurance advisor of the future, one who will offer in real time:

  • Objective, impartial and verifiable advice
  • Automatic updates adapted to rate zones and lifestyles
  • Predictive recommendations linked to personal evolution
Qiti bird avec un téléphone

Generative artificial intelligence for clients

Concrete examples for digital nomads and frequent travelers

I'm wondering about vaccinations for a trip to Bali

Qiti provides instant, reassuring answers to all my questions

I am 32 and will be arriving in Costa Rica in mid-January.

Qiti analyzes likely surfing activities in real time and recommends the right insurance for me.

I have children who will need orthodontics

Qiti anticipates and recommends the addition of dental options based on the medical habits and practices of the country I’m in.

A major breakthrough

The first embedded international health insurance

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Qiti presented a new generation of international health insurance that updates automatically when a border is crossed.

Recognized a Deeptech startup by BPI, Qiti is the only insurtech to benefit from this recognition and to join the club of Europe’s 500 most innovative startups in 2023.

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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