Qitizen Starter

The essential protection
to explore the world

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essential protection qitizen starter qiti app mock up

International covers

at €9/month

qiti simple


All nationalities & destinations, including USA



Automatic update at every border crossing


No health questionnaire, no age limit

assurance rapide


From 1 month’s subscription with no commitment

Whenever, wherever

Travel like the pros

Innovative services included

  • Travel planners and simplifiers
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • A French doctor available 24/7
  • Insurance recommendation
  • The Qitizen association
  • Country alerts

Committed to supporting you

No small lines, just transparency

  • To consult a French doctor 24/7 who can issue an international prescription.
  • To supplement the coverage provided by bank cards, mutual insurance companies or the European Health Insurance Card.
  • To access emergency services close to our place of stay.

  • You need to be over 18 and travel the world.
  • The minimum commitment is 1 month, and you can adapt your membership to the length of your stays abroad. You can then reactivate your membership whenever you travel, or need Qiti’s services.
  • All features and services are activated at the earliest at midnight on the day following your membership, and are then directly available in the app.

For sports enthusiasts, Qitizen Nomad and Qitizen Schengen packages should be preferred, as they cover almost all sporting activities, with the exception of :

  • Activities involving ascent to altitudes of over 4,500 meters, excluding commercial air transport, base-jumping or free climbing.
  • Rafting/kayaking in rapids higher than class V, or canoeing/kayaking in rapids higher than class III.
  • Heli-skiing, skiing or snowboarding in areas designated as dangerous by resort management.
  • Fighting sports, horseback riding or rodeo.
  • Racing with motorized vehicles or boats other than go-karts.
  • Snorkeling to a depth of more than 10 meters or diving to a depth of more than 30 meters or, for non-certified divers, diving without a certified instructor.

Nomad testimonials

"Qitizen Nomad allows me to explore the world without hassle".


Stéphanie, 29yo

“I love traveling and I often go away for weekends, to European cities, no more than 3 hours from home.

I don’t need insurance, but knowing that I have access to a doctor whenever I want is really great.”


Nolan, 23yo

“I’ve got bitten by a mosquito in Colombia. It may sound silly, but I needed reassurance at the time.

It could have ruined my holidays, but luckily I had Qiti with me.”

Kim, 34yo

“In the middle of a trip, I realized that I hadn’t taken enough birth control pills. Thanks to the app, I was able to contact a doctor and get a new prescription!

It was even quicker than in France!”

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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