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Never been easier

In 2023, 35 million nomad workers no longer have permanent addresses, and 150 million travelers have left their country of residence for more than 6 months.

By 2035, 1 billion of neo-nomads and frequent travellers will be moving from country to country, encountering the same difficulties. But beyond having personally chosen our way of life, and feeling profoundly free, we are in fact a community sharing the same values and desires.

Qitizen association

For greater solidarity and sharing

The association brings together all Qitizen members. It offers a multitude of services to simplify your stay abroad and ensure your safety across the globe.

By subscribing insurance policies and services for as many Qitizen members as possible, the association benefits from privileged and exclusive offers.

By sharing risks between Qitizen, the association puts the principle of solidarity at the heart of protection. When you sign up for Qiti solutions, you automatically become a member of the Qitizen association and immediately benefit from its advantages.

Sharing values

The Qitizen charter

1- We are citizens of the world

Free and committed to creating a more caring, equitable and sustainable society

2- We consider diversity

Cultural, linguistic, religious as a richness and an asset for our world

3- We're reunited by shared values

Tolerance, compassion and the defense of human rights

4- We believe in the butterfly effect

Each of us can contribute to improving our world in our own way

5- We have a collective responsibility

Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living

6- We believe in cooperation

Between generations and peoples, to build a better future for all

Qitizen values

We share

7- As Qitizen, we are committed to

To embody these values and work together to create a fairer, more sustainable world

8- We believe in sharing

We are committed to sharing our knowledge, skills and experience

9- Individual protection begins with solidarity

We therefore pledge our solidarity to one another

In full transparency

Who does what?


It negotiates and underwrites insurance and service contracts on behalf of Qitizen, which are distributed by Qiti.


These are duly authorized companies that guarantee the services subscribed to.

The Super App

As an insurance broker, it simplifies relations with insurers and service providers.

It guides and supports Qitizen.

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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