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All the features you need to plan your trip


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Essential services to make the most of your stay abroad


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Recommended for trips and stays abroad



Qitizen Schengen

Recommended for non-Europeans staying in the Schengen area


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Qitizen Study

For international students and trainees

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Qitizen Expat

Optimal guarantees for a safe expatriation

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Innovative features

Optimizing your international insurance

  • Virtual assistant: Qiti is your 24/7 travel companion, always ready to help you plan your trip, answer your questions and recommend the right protection for your needs.
  • Security notifications and alerts: Receive real-time alerts on security situations in your area, travel tips and useful information for your stay and safety.
  • Intelligent digital safe: Qiti centralizes and secures all your travel documents, and assists you in the event of loss, theft or expiry.

Securing your stays abroad

Qiti is the digital companion designed by and for
digital nomads and frequent travelers

Worldwide assistance

Wherever you are, Qiti is there to advise, assist and support you.


International insurance

Medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation… All essential cover


Automatic update

Your protection and insurance adapt in real time to every border crossing

Unbeatable customization

Individualization according to lifestyle, location, needs, sports practiced


The world evolves, so does Qiti

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