assurance santé voyage

Today, with the evolution of the job market and the rise of new technologies, the number of people working remotely or living abroad has increased considerably. Against this backdrop, Qiti, the travel health insurance revolution, has emerged as an innovative response. Qiti simplifies access to international health insurance for digital nomads and French expatriates.

Technological innovation for international travelers

To make insurance more accessible, flexible and appropriate, Qiti relies on a combination of advanced technologies. Using artificial intelligence and data, Qiti offers personalized services optimized to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Artificial intelligence for customized service

Using artificial intelligence, Qiti can quickly and efficiently analyze each customer’s profile. This approach not only identifies appropriate cover based on place of residence, travel habits or pre-existing medical conditions. But also provides tailor-made offers adapted to their budget.

Constant optimization

Qiti is able to monitor changes in the Qitizen needs in real time and adjust its offers to guarantee adequate coverage. The data enables the company to predict consumer trends. It guide its strategy to better meet the expectations of international travelers.

A partnership with Allianz Travel for customer security

The best of travel health insurance

As part of its innovative approach, Qiti has partnered with Allianz Travel to provide customers with greater security when traveling abroad. Thanks to this collaboration, policyholders benefit from 24/7 assistance, as well as health, legal and civil liability coverage. So you can travel the world with peace of mind.


This partnership is the result of a convergence of interests between two forward-looking companies, keen to offer innovative solutions to expatriates and digital nomads. Together, they are working to facilitate access to healthcare and ensure the safety of medical treatment throughout the world.

A start-up backed by influential investors

In addition to its technical expertise, Qiti can count on the financial backing of major investors, including Guillaume Sarkozy, former Managing Director of Malakoff Médéric. This confidence bears witness to the relevance and potential of this revolutionary project in the field of travel health insurance.

Promising fundraising

Qiti recently completed a round of financing, enabling it to accelerate its development. This financial success illustrates not only the company’s ability to convince astute investors, but also its determination to establish itself as a major player in the insurance sector, as a revolution in health insurance.

Qiti democratizes telemedicine for international travelers

In line with its innovative insurance services, Qiti also aims to facilitate access to telemedicine. By offering remote medical consultations, customers benefit from regular follow-up care without the need to speak the language of the country they’re in.

Simple, digital management

With an intuitive interface, policyholders can quickly get in touch with certified healthcare professionals and obtain appropriate advice or even medical prescriptions tailored to their situation. What’s more, this digital approach facilitates administrative management, since all information is centralized and accessible via a secure customer area.

A major challenge for improving the health of digital nomads

This telemedicine offering meets the growing needs of freelance workers and expatriates. For whom it is sometimes difficult to find a competent healthcare professional available locally. This revolution in travel health insurance is part of a global approach to improving the well-being of international travelers.

In short, Qiti is an innovative company that aims to meet the current and future challenges of international health insurance for digital nomads and expatriates. Thanks to its use of artificial intelligence and data, it offers services that are constantly adapted and optimized to better serve its customers. By collaborating with Allianz Partner and democratizing telemedicine, Qiti is helping to improve the safety and quality of life of international travelers.