Since the beginning of 2022, the economic world, and more specifically the French Tech world, has been in turmoil. All we hear about are the famous unicorns sprouting up everywhere, but what are they?

Forget the mythological animal with a horse’s head and a horn in the middle of his forehead! By 2022, he’s been supplanted by start-ups valued at over a billion dollars. And that’s just the beginning!

But how do you become a unicorn? What are the criteria? Are they purely financial?

In addition to the basics of entrepreneurship, there’s inevitably work, lots of work, as well as business expertise.

But that’s not all! We should add that :

  • Have and imagine a breakthrough innovation capable of disrupting the market;
  • Have a vision and the ability to plan ahead;
  • Be able to scale up quickly;
  • Find the talent to support growth;
  • Have the confidence of investors.

In just a few months, Qiti proved a great success with expatriates and digital nomads, while at the same time fine-tuning its insurtech status. With its focus on innovation and its determination to put technology at the heart of customer relations, Qiti quickly gained a strong following beyond the region’s borders.

Qiti thus acquired its Insurtech status on 24/01/2022 with the disclosure by INPI of the map of the 11 Insurtech & Fintech companies supported in 2002; recognizing particularly innovative insurance and finance companies in France.

Licorne en PACASo here’s a nice map showing Qiti’s importance in the PACA region! A region where we are constantly staking our claim to our Nice roots, and promoting our territory and its riches. Qiti is growing up in the heart of Nice, on Avenue Jean Médecin, around a team of former expatriates and Côte d’Azur enthusiasts.

We love our city, our region, and it gives us back. Because if we’re more innovative, simpler and more efficient, it’s also thanks to the PACA region’s highly favorable eco-system, which enables us to move forward quickly, very quickly… and perhaps tomorrow join the exclusive club of those famous unicorns.

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, we love innovation, and we’re showing it with a host of incubators! IPEs, research laboratories such as INRIA, welcoming bankers such as BPMED, hyper-involved representatives of BPI, INPI, French Tech, the city and the region.