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the app qiti online travel insurance

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  • A destination, a date: Qiti takes care of everything. Immediate advice to simplify your trips
  • Designed by and for digital nomads: Many features and insurances that will secure your stay abroad
  • Available 24/7 in multilingual mode: Travel assistant that alerts you in real time, in case of emergency

Enjoy your stay

Qiti is with you

  • A personal assistant: alerts and notifications simplifying your stays and securing your lifestyle (visas, passport, weather, epidemics, geopolitical risks, etc.)
  • A doctor available 24/7:  in less than 3min, no appointment needed, and can remotely prescribe a prescription in international format (INN)
  • International insurances: updated guarantees according to your travels and the country you’re in.

A selection of insurances

For the best protection

  • International health insurance: hospitalization, medical expenses, accident or medical emergency, repatriation, as well as civil liability and international legal assistance…
  • Worldwide assistance: fast support from an international network of more than 900,000 medical providers
  • Attractive prices: prices and covers adapted to the length of your stay and your situation.

"Traveling with a multi-country insurance is amazing!"


Way more than a super app

Qiti is

100% innovative: the combination of artificial intelligence and geolocation for complete worldwide protection.

100% nomad: Qiti adapts in real time to your location and your lifestyle.

100% personalized: your international protection automatically adapts to your stays, your travel needs and your expectations.

The world evolves, so does Qiti

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Qiti: your ally for efficient online travel insurance

Travel is often synonymous with adventure and discovery, but it can also bring
also bring their share of unforeseen events. Whether you’re a globetrotter or a neo-nomad, it’s essential to be well protected when traveling the world. Thanks to Qiti, the platform specialized in online travel insurance, you’ll benefit from protection adapted to all your escapades.


The concept behind Qiti: tailor-made travel insurance


Developed to meet the specific needs of 21st-century travelers, Qiti offers innovative, flexible insurance solutions to suit every traveler. Gone are the standardized formulas traditionally found in traditional
insurance companies! With Qiti, you can personalize your coverage to suit your activities, profile and destinations.


A wide choice of options for optimum coverage


Qiti’s strength lies in its extensive range of guarantees and options. In fact, the
platform offers a large number of modules that can be integrated into your travel insurance policy. These include :

  • Medical assistance and repatriation,
  • Third-party liability abroad,
  • Property damage and theft coverage, unforeseen weather conditions and natural disasters,
  • Compensation in the event of cancellation or interruption of stay.

What’s more, Qiti caters for all types of travelers: occasional travelers, expatriates, students abroad… The platform makes it possible to create a travel insurance policy tailored to each individual’s needs and budget.


How the Qiti platform works: simplicity and transparency


One of the main advantages of Qiti is its ease of use. With just a few clicks, users can obtain a detailed quote and subscribe to the coverage that suits them best. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Qiti website or app and create a user account,
  2. Enter your personal details and those concerning your trip (dates, destinations, etc.),
  3. Choose the coverages and options you require from those on offer,
  4. Validate your quote and proceed to online payment.

Once you have purchased your insurance, you will immediately receive your certificate and travel insurance contract by e-mail. Throughout your experience with Qiti, you’ll benefit from personalized assistance from a team of advisors available 24/7.


Managing your travel insurance: the Qiti app at your service


What sets Qiti apart from other players in the travel insurance market is its digital dimension. Indeed, the platform provides its users with an intuitive and ergonomic mobile app to manage their coverage in real time. You can :

  • Consult your coverage and options,
  • Modify or add to your contract,
  • Download your insurance certificate,
  • Contact assistance in the event of a problem during your trip.
  • The Qiti app is a true travel companion, always at hand to accompany you and reassure you wherever you are in the world.


Qiti: ethical and committed insurance


In addition to its customizable offering and digitalized operation, Qiti stands out for its commitment to more responsible insurance. The platform aims to contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.
To this end, Qiti :

  • Offers specific guarantees linked to ecological activities (ecotourism, environmental volunteering, etc.),
  • Supports local and international projects aimed at preserving biodiversity and natural areas,
  • Encourages its users to adopt environmentally-friendly behaviors during their travels.
  • This ethical commitment reinforces Qiti’s image as an innovative player concerned with contemporary issues, making this platform an essential travel insurance solution for responsible, connected travellers.